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Based on e-commerce and product photography; clipping path and image editing services works. More than forty per cent of consumers are eager to see their product photos with a white background. To edit all those images, it usually takes loads of time.
Clipping path solutions has set a milestone in the arena of image editing services which save you valuable time and leverage your business to grow more sales and generate revenue.

Let’s talk about clipping path solutions, great team of image editors, with over years of experiences with a great team of image: we provide photo editing services for photograph including photo clipping path as well as professional Photoshop services, photo retouching services, currently which we produce in our well equipped local office in Canada.

Our self owned production house focused on top-notch photo editing. Our services include clipping path, image masking, drop shadow, ghost mannequin, photo retouching, photo restoration, vector illustration/conversion, colour correction, car photo editing, product photo editing. We have experienced graphic designers and photo editors to produce professional Photoshop services since inception. Our potential designers work with local recognized creative design companies, catalogue companies, e-commerce and other online trades.

Our Popular Services

Clipping Path

Clipping Path, an important service contributes online trade and make it be more lively, meaningful.

Product Photo Editing

Product photography and photo editing have become a very important or significant part of online marketing.

Car Photo Editing

Online shoppers grab the attention and create a positive impression by the product images showed online.

Bulk Clipping Path and Image Editing Services.

Our team of experts has vast potentiality and ultimate creativity to produce a landmark for the high volume client orders. Our creative team can edit an image with a shorter period of time. We know the value of your money; thus, we never miss any deadline. Time is very important not only for you but also for us as we have to focus on effective project completion with glamorous image quality and uptime.

Why Clipping Path Solution?

Our dedicated team of creative’s and industry experts’ work to make the best output when it comes to a question of bulk order processing and rush service. Our payment terms are so simple, secure and hassle-free. We offer you a free trial service for your typical assessment. A responsive quality customer service team is being available for you for 24/7 to provide the best professional photo editing service at a very low and competitive market cost.

We focus on secure file transfer which is hightailing, drop box to enable you sending high volume data or FTP such as 500 GB, Easy payment system, high volume amazing discount for the large volume of images for you to judge our expertise and service quality.

We ensure you most competitive price in the market. We are working with the recognized creative team to produce the best professional Photoshop services. If you feel, you need an expert hand to fix the issues you are puzzling around; we are the prudent and trustworthy one to get picked.


Clipping Path Solution has been providing professional photo retouching, image manipulation, and photo editing services with great reputation in the industry. Here included the key features of our team to ensure you the highest quality of work.

Simple & Secure Payment System

Our payment terms are so simple, secure and hassle-free. Payment can be completed via PayPal or by using a bank account or check (for US).

Bulk Order Processing

We are capable of handling bulk order of images which may contain more than 5000 images. Get all the images within the required time.

Secure File Transfer

We use secure FTP such as Hightail, we-transfer, Dropbox which enable you to send files up to 500 GB. It is a quick and hassle-free system.

On Time Delivery

Time is very much important for your project. For timely delivery, our experienced and skilled graphic designers work with full dedication.

Support 24/7

A responsive quality customer service team is being available for you for 24/7

100% Quality Ensured

3 step quality assurance process is conducted & clients’ instruction is fully followed to ensure the finest quality & glamorous images.

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